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About Our Mission

“Those that expect to be ignorant and free are ignorant.”   ~Vince Couch
(this quote was inspired by one of the founders of our country)


My name is C. Vince Couch . I am a high school teacher and father of a 16 year old daughter. I created because I feel that those who vote uninformed (or ignorant) are doing a harm to the country. In fact, this country is a mess because of “us ignorant Americans” – we vote for politicians many of whom do a poor job at managing the country and then we don’t monitor what they do – ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Let's leave the children of today - adults of tomorrow - the great country we grew up with. Here is where we currently are as a country:

U.S. Debt =$33 trillion with annual budget deficits in the trillions – this is almost equal to the value of all homes in American ($35 trillion). U.S. Liabilities in excess of Assets by $80 trillion - about $308,000  per taxpayer.

>Lack of interest / incompetence in protecting our borders – >  approximately 6 million illegal immigrants have crossed the border the past 3 years (as of Jan. 2024).

> A belief by the younger generation that socialism is the preferred form of government (58% of millennials believe this — ALL socialist countries have the majority of their people living in poverty).

> Rate of real wage growth for Americans stagnant.

(American people's purchasing power has not changed over the past 40 years)

> The U.S. is ranked as the highest cost health care system yet only ranked 18th -30th with respect to the quality of healthcare among industrialized countries. Speical interest medical care groups donated 290 million to congress in recent election cycle. 

>Only 24% and 37% of all American students are competent in Math and English (12th grade)).

>Out of control military spending – the recent military budget exceeds the combined expenditures by China and Russia by 260%.

>Over $14 billion was given to political candidates (senators,  representatives and president by contributors) – the rich individuals and special interest groups have disproportionate power relative to individual Americans. 

> Inability to agree on what needs to be done about climate change.

> and so much more...

Go Vote Flyers

How to become an amazing voter

But here’s the good news, with an effort of 10 minutes every day, every American, including me, can learn enough to be an amazing voter, and an amazing American, and an amazing parent (Creating a great country for the future of our kids).

I can help some with providing an estimate on how informed (or ignorant) you are (take the quiz herein), and I can provide useful information and links to get you more informed. Additionally, visit "Vote for Policy" - via the Vote for Policy tab. I follow several key bills and happenings in Washington D.C. You can vote and I will forward to the politicians.

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